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What is a Micro-channel Coil?

An unprecedented amount of regulatory changes has led to a host of challenges for the HVAC industry. Regulators want the industry to decrease greenhouse gasses and increase efficiency, but have left it to manufacturers to figure out a solution. Micro-Channel coils are that solution. These coils use less refrigerant, reducing the risk of greenhouse gasses leaking into the atmosphere. And, they transfer heat more efficiently across a smaller surface, allowing for smaller system footprints than their tube-in-fin counterparts.

Charge Calculator

This tool makes charging complete Micro-Channel systems and mixed coil system easier. It is also a great troubleshooting tool. The measurements you take during a service, installation or maintenance call are key to understanding whether the unit you’re working on is operating correctly. Faster, easier troubleshooting can save you time on the phone with tech support and help you avoid repeat service calls.

HVAC Technical Tips

Stay up to date on HVAC Technical Tips through video training on Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, and MORE.

HVAC Sales Tips

Technical training is important for installation and service, but Sales Training is essential to moving product.